Welcome to Singrauli Development Authority (M.P.)

Singrauli is the 50th district of Madhya Pradesh. It was ranted district status on 24th May 2008, with its headquarters at Waidhan to fulfill the aspirations of people of this place. It has been formed after dividing it from Sidhi district. Singrauli has three tehsils namely Singrauli Deosar and Chitrangi. It has three development blocks by the same name. Singrauli town is a Municipal Corporation with a population of about 2 lakhs. The population of Singrauli district is about 11 lakhs. Singrauli is fast emerging as the power hub of India, especially for electric power and coal and therefore locally it is also call as Urjanchal (a Hindi word which means land of energy). The total installed capacity of all thermal power plants at Singrauli is around 10% total installed capacity of India.


Shri Rajeev Ranjan Meena,IAS


Shri Rishi Pawar